ICA launches special new and proactive Medicare Fairness Campaign for Patients and Practitioners

January 22, 2016, Falls Church, Virginia: The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) is launching a powerful new campaign to seek badly needed reforms in the chiropractic portion of the Medicare program. ICA’s new program features special action steps that target the current restrictions in Medicare. Medicare reform is the association’s top legislative priority for 2016. Recent federal legislative changes have alerted the ICA about multiple serious threats to patient coverage. In fact, coverage for the adjustment to correct a subluxation has been targeted for severe restrictions and/or even possible elimination by 2017. The ICA has developed a special interactive/informational website with resources and action steps for both patient and practitioner including petition platforms and a series of FAQs, Legal Opinions, and key regulations and policies regarding Medicare. For information and to access the special resources for patients and doctors, go to www.icainacation.org.  Read more.


ICA recognizes Congresswoman, Honorable Dina Titus, for support of key health issues and chiropractic

January 20, 2016, Falls Church, Virginia: The Honorable Dina Titus, representing the First Congressional District in the US House of Representatives, a public official highly regarded for her strong support of key health issues and for her knowledge of and support for chiropractic, was recently recognized with a special Public Service Award at ICA’s 90th Anniversary Reception in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. George B. Curry, ICA President (L), made the presentation to her with ICA member Dr. Stephanie Youngblood (R) while highlighting her commitment to fairness in the health care system. To a standing ovation Dr. Curry told the excited gathering, “We are honored to have this opportunity to recognize Representative Titus for her many efforts to protect the public’s right to safe, effective forms of health care," said Dr. Curry. "With her pioneering vision and commitment to action, it is a fitting tribute to present in conjunction with our launch of celebrations recognizing ICA's 90th Anniversary and the pioneering work ICA has undertaken on behalf of the profession and the public since it was founded by Dr. B.J. Palmer in 1926.”


Fitness Council set to celebrate its 24th Symposium on Natural Fitness & Sports

November 11, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: ICA’s Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science is announcing its special all-star lineup of leading educators and guest celebrity athletes at the 2016 Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports! Mark your calendars for March 3-5, 2016 and come to a full and fantastic weekend of powerful presenters, fitness stars, champion athletes, and innovative, practical chiropractic continuing education offerings. There’s no other program on exercise, sports, and chiropractic like the ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness, which features special highlights – including entry to the huge Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival and our personal keynote presentation by Arnold Schwarzenegger right at our Symposium! For more information and to register, go to icafitness.org and chiropractic.org/Symposium.  Read more


ICA expands public awareness of the spine and nervous system with special observations of World Spine Day

October 8, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: The International Chiropractors Association and its members around the world are busy this season building public and professional awareness of spinal health, including the Subluxation Awareness Month and Founders Day observations in September, and World Spine Day and community resources for spinal health in October.

ICA joins agencies and individuals from around the world to work together for World Spine Day on Oct. 16 every year, sharing information and resources focusing on the importance of maintaining good spinal health through proper posture and movement.

"Bringing special focus to the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system helps also with informing the public, other professions, third-party payment agencies and government officials about chiropractic's efficacy and benefits to health," says George B. Curry, DC, FICA, President of the International Chiropractors Association. "This is an important opportunity to educate families everywhere in the world on the importance of healthy posture and chiropractic's role in maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system for patients of all ages."

ICA provides special informational resources as an integral feature of its public information outreach efforts, often linking them with special themes and seasonal observances. ICA has prepared special World Spine Day resources for its members and also has placed information for the profession and the public on its website at www.chiropractic.org.


ICA Strongly Supports and Endorses the IHPC’s Innovative CoverMyCare Initiative

October 2, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) applauds and strongly supports the innovative CoverMyCare initiative developed by the Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC) and encourages all organizations in the chiropractic profession to become familiar with and engaged in its promotion and its utilization.

“This initiative is centered on educating patients, providers and most importantly public policy makers on the exact language and meaning of Section 2706 (nondiscrimination in health care) of the Affordable Healthcare Act,” said ICA Vice President Dr. Stephen P. Welsh, who represents the ICA on the IHPC’s Federal Policy Committee. “The chiropractic profession has an historic opportunity to engage with other non-MD professionals who share our concerns over discrimination, unfair exclusion and the denial of patients’ rights and ICA hopes that individuals and organizations will take full advantage of this means to build strength through numbers.” Read more


Chiropractic Leaders Honored at Connecticut Chiropractic Council Conference

September 29, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: ICA President Dr. George Curry was presented a special award from Palmer College of Chiropractic for his years of dedicated service to the chiropractic profession at the Connecticut Chiropractic Council (CCC)’s 2015 CHIROXTRAVAGANZA held September 18-19 in Ledyard, Connecticut. Dr. Curry, a 1982 graduate of Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa has been active in state and national chiropractic organizations and in Palmer Alumni activities for many decades, and was recognized by the Palmer community for his many years of dedicated service.

At that same event, the Connecticut Chiropractic Council presented Peter Martin, DC, FICA, with a special Lifetime Achievement Award for his many decades of leadership and service in chiropractic education. Dr. Martin presently serves as president of Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida campus, located at Port Orange, Florida, where he has served in that important capacity since 2005.  Read more


Chiropractic Profession and Patients Celebrate Founder’s Day

September 14, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: Chiropractic’s famous first adjustment is recognized each year as Chiropractic Founder’s Day. This annual observance commemorates September 18th, 1895 as on this day, 120 years ago, Dr. Daniel David Palmer, a pioneering clinician in Davenport, Iowa, administered the first specific chiropractic adjustment. The International Chiropractors Association, which was founded by his son, Dr. B.J. Palmer almost 90 years ago, commemorates Dr. D.D. Palmer’s innovative and pioneering spirit in advancing health care each September, and observes Founder’s Day as a special occasion to expand awareness of chiropractic as a unique and distinct approach to health care around the world. Chiropractic is a separate and distinct healing art, science and philosophy, which without the use of drugs or surgery, serves patients of all ages and walks of life.  Read more


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Unprecedented New Congressional Bills Seek to Sharpen State Vaccination Mandates, Officially Deny Vaccination Risks or Injury Potential

July 22, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: Three new congressional initiatives have been introduced in the current session of the US Congress that seek to significantly sharpen federal demands that states have stringent vaccination mandates in place or face denial of federal funds, and to also officially deny that any risk of injury exists in any vaccination process. “These unprecedented initiatives represent a dramatic new level of potential federal enforcement of a national vaccination requirement and simply ignore an individual's right to choose; it should be my body-my decisionsaid ICA President Dr. George B. Curry. “All citizens who value their personal freedom and all health professionals who believe that questionable research with pharmaceutical influences are driving public policy on medication and vaccination have reason to be gravely concerned. ICA believes it is vitally important to bring these issues to the attention of the profession and the public and to encourage a powerful response in opposition to these anti-personal freedom and dogmatic vaccination mandate enforcement efforts.”  Read more

ICA’s 89th Annual Meeting Features Positive Energy, Clear Policy Positions, Dynamic Educational Program and Welcomes New Leadership

Falls Church, Virginia, May 7, 2015: The 89th Annual Meeting of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) convened last week in Marietta, Georgia with officers, board members and representatives from across North America and around the world gathering on the campus of Life University for three days of intensive, constructive and creative strategic planning, decision making and powerful educational sessions. Focused on ICA’s mission of advancing principled chiropractic and addressing the critical challenges facing the profession and the membership worldwide, ICA’s Board of Directors and Representative Assembly heard detailed reports on a wide range of issues, engaged in lively and creative discussions and made key decisions on the association’s business, political action and public education plans for the coming year.

The ICA Annual Meetings also marked a significant governance transition with new leaders stepping into service in ICA’s top offices. Dr. Michael S. McLean concluded his term as ICA’s 17th President, passing the gavel to ICA’s incoming president, Dr. George B. Curry of Windsor, Connecticut. Dr. Stephen P. Welsh of Roswell, Georgia took office as ICA Vice President and Dr. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson from York, Pennsylvania was re-elected as ICA’s Secretary-Treasurer. In his inaugural comments to the Annual Meeting, new ICA President Dr. Curry stated that “this continues to be a critical time for clarity and clear-cut communications for the profession, anchored in ICA’s timeless and proven principles but applying cutting edge strategies and technologies. We are committed to building on the talent and energy of ICA’s leadership corps and membership with innovative programs and benefits, focused on advancing principled chiropractic as the powerful force in health care it must be in order to meet the needs of patients of all ages in communities around the world”.

ICA Annual Meetings Tackle Key Challenges to the Profession

The International Chiropractors Association convenes its 89th Annual Meeting and Strategic Planning session in Atlanta, GA with a proactive agenda targeting key challenges and action steps for advancing principled chiropractic. Representatives from different regions in multiple countries conducted a series of meetings together on the Life University campus over the end of April through the first days of May to address the profession’s vital challenges and coordinate and carry forward many of ICA’s key initiatives.  
The ICA Annual Meetings also mark the transition of new officers stepping into service.  “It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as ICA’s President,” noted Dr. Michael S. McLean who is concluding his term of office, “I look forward to supporting our new officers with ICA’s important work in building an ever-stronger community for chiropractic principles and practice.”  ICA’s incoming president, Dr. George B. Curry, noted that “this continues to be a critical time for clarity and clear-cut communications for the profession, anchored in ICA’s timeless and proven principles but applying cutting edge strategies and technologies.  We are committed to building on the talent and energy of ICA’s leadership corps with innovative programs and benefits, focused on advancing principled chiropractic as the powerful force in health care it must be in order to meet the needs of patients of all ages in communities around the world”. 


ICA is the leading advocate for chiropractors and patient choice.  Please make a donation in this new year or regularly give monthly to help us all continue this important work.

New Mexico "Chiropractic Drug Expansion" Bill SB 376 is Defeated
in Senate Committee

March 13, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: The controversial attempt at legislation that would have added the the widest possible range of authorities to administer new medical and pharmaceutical procedures by chiropractors, solely at the discretion of that state's chiropractic board, was defeated this week in the New Mexico legislature. The proposed legislation, having narrowly passed one Senate committee, was presented before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a process that included presentations made by large numbers of concerned chiropractors traveling from around the state and also multiple health care organizations expressing deep concerns over the bill on multiple issues. That evening, SB 376 was voted down by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Read more


ICA Responds to Member Questions on New ACA "College of Chiropractic Pharmacology" Proposal

March 4, 2015, Falls Church, Virginia: International Chiropractors Association (ICA) members from around the world have been contacting the ICA in unprecedented numbers expressing concern and in many instances outright dismay and opposition to a new effort recently taken by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), to establish a College of Chiropractic Pharmacology and Toxicology, and to promote the term "Chiropractic medicine." ICA's leadership has expressed similar concerns as it is now clear that there are forces at work within some organizations, actively promoting the incorporation of drugs into the scope of chiropractic practice. This is in clear contravention of the statement that the organizations that comprise The Chiropractic Summit--including the ACA--adopted at Seattle, Washington on November 7, 2013, which reads:



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Just Say NO to Drugs in Chiropractic

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