April 19, 2014 International Chiropractors Association
ICA Endorsed Sleep Systems

SleepLogic™ and the International Chiropractors Association Working Together For Healthy Sleep

The International Chiropractors Association and SleepLogic, one of the nations most innovative and respected mattress manufacturers, are working together in a close partnership to present to the US public a sound, chiropractically designed sleep surface choice. This exciting partnership is the result of a strong desire on the part of both organizations to play an active role in promoting healthy sleep for all consumers. The SleepLogic began working with the ICA in October of 2004 to design its new line of mattresses. The official ICA endorsement began January 1, 2005.

As a direct result of this new partnership, SleepLogic has developed two new mattress lines, ChiroSense™ and LifeScape™, which, along with Refresh™ comprise the lifestyle-focused collection. A four-member ICA committee, led by 2004-2005 ICA Chiropractor of the Year and Chairman of the ICA Committee on Posture and Technique, the Association’s key science advisory committee, Dr. Don Hirsh, worked very closely with SleepLogic engineers throughout the product development process. This led to the use of the most sophisticated technology for enhanced posture and sleep quality.

“This is a real working partnership we have with the ICA,” says Bruce Goodman, President of the Cleveland, Ohio based SleepLogic. “There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t communicate with them to discuss new products and concepts. The goal of the partnership is to build better products to help people sleep better.”

The ICA chose to partner with SleepLogic, not only because of the reputation of its product, but also because of the reputation of the company. “We were looking for a mattress company that possessed two key attributes: a growth-minded approach to the marketplace and a capacity for creative, innovative thinking,” said Dr. Hirsh. “SleepLogic combines those two qualities with the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality control.” Both organizations also share a strong, sincere commitment to improving the health and healthy sleep environment for consumers of all ages.

The national potential of the ICA- SleepLogic partnership is one of the most exciting dimensions of this new cooperative effort. According to Goodman, “The recent launch is just the first step in growing SleepLogic into a national mattress brand. Already talking to other manufacturers as potential group members, SleepLogic is anticipating significant interest from other companies to become part of the brand's growth into other areas of the country.”

"We're excited about putting together a select group of top-notch, success-driven companies that will build this brand. We are committed to a team approach; an approach we feel is unique to the mattress industry, as our formula for success."