March 20, 2020 (Falls Church, VA) Today, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) issued an evidence-based report providing background from the peer-reviewed literature regarding immune function, the existing body of evidence in chiropractic, spinal manipulation research.  ICA Members have asked for this information.  We are making this available to the entire chiropractic community as no other report of its kind exists.

The Global Pandemic of Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19) has drawn attention to the importance of the immune system for health and wellness. As of March 2020, there are no cures for COVID-19 accepted in the scientific community.  There are no recognized cures in conventional medicine or alternative health approaches for COVID-19.  There are no vaccines, no drugs, no natural remedies, no alternative therapies that have been tested and the outcomes peer-reviewed to meet any credible evidence-based standard in science. This includes chiropractic.

The importance of quality research in immune function is not predicated on a global pandemic. What the pandemic draws attention to is the need for increased research funding on chiropractic.  Chiropractic is an evidence-based profession.

Dr. Stephen Welsh, ICA President stated, As an essential health care provider, the chiropractor is in a unique position to assist their patients during this time of heightened stress.  It is well established that extended levels of stress can adversely affect the immune system. Although there are no clinical trials to substantiate a direct causal relationship between the chiropractic adjustment and increased protection from the COVID-19 virus, there is a growing body of evidence that there is a relationship between the nervous system and the immune system. The ICA is asking the entire chiropractic community, doctors and patients, to join with us to call for increased research resources.  We will never have the scientifically validated answers to the questions about the specific effects of the chiropractic adjustment (spinal manipulation) if the resources to conduct research are never made available.”  

The ICA Report Immune Function and Chiropractic – What Does the Evidence Provide? is available at the newly launched ICA COVID-19 Resource Page.


The Mission of the International Chiropractors Association is to protect and promote chiropractic throughout the world as a distinct health care profession predicated upon its unique philosophy, science, and art of subluxation detection and correction. We will continue to work each day to fulfill this mission.

Media Contact: Beth Clay – bclay@chiropractic.org

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