April 18, 2014 International Chiropractors Association

ICA Pediatrics Council's 10th Annual Conference in Orlando receives rave reviews - excellence of program praised by attendees

"It was one of the best conferences I have ever attended, " said a doctor from Colorado about the 10th Annual Conference of the ICA Council on Chiropractic & Pediatrics held recently at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida. Her sentiments were echoed by other doctors who felt the caliber of this year's program was exceptional, it had been well thought out and delivered.

"I laughed and cried, " said another doctor from New Jersey, "but when I got back to my practice on Monday I was amazed at what I could actually start doing right away because of what I had learned over the weekend."

"As a Council motivated by innovation and a focus on substance, we felt a change in format might help the learning process," said ICA Pediatrics Council Chair Dr. Maxine McMullen. "We decided to focus heavily on specific areas, rather than just have several different topics. Also, we felt it was time for our Diplomates to start taking an active role in this important educational program. Their education, clinical experience and commitment and belief in what they do shone through, and I believe that was infectious and encouraging to everyone who heard them."

In welcoming the attendees, Dr. McMullen reminded the group that it was the International Chiropractors Association that started the momentum and interest in pediatric education with its first conference in San Diego in 1991. "I believe we have made a powerful impact, and we should be flattered," she said, " because so many groups and individuals are now putting on pediatric programs after we got the ball rolling." The goal of the Council's conference, she stated, is to continue to offer the doctor of chiropractic the highest quality educational program so that DCs and students who want to significantly improve and expand their clinical knowledge and skills can do so on a continuing basis.

The positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm exhibited by the attendees was continually apparent during the three-day weekend . Everyone praised the program and the wealth of information presented. The topics were grouped according to subject matter with a wrap-up and question and answer session at the end of each major subject. The topics on the program included birth and trauma, neurological deficits, instrumentation, special conditions, research papers as well as techniques. Speakers included Pediatric Diplomates Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock, Dr. Christine Anderson, Dr. Sharon Vallone, Dr. Jack Manuele, Dr. Kathleen Carten, Dr. Warren Bruhl, Dr. Lora Tanis, Dr. Tracy Barnes and Dr. Maxine McMullen. Also on the program were Dr. Marvin Arnsdorff, Dr. Carol Phillips, Dr. Jason Yusavage and Dr. Harold Buttram. There was also a few sessions specifically for CAs.

A highlight of the Conference was the commencement of the 2000 pediatric diplomates. This was the Council's fourth commencement. Eighteen doctors of chiropractic, 14 women and 4 men from 12 U.S. states and Canada received their diplomas from commencement speaker Dr. Fred Barge at a ceremony Saturday evening. The evening ended on a high note with a buffet dinner and a "Nite at the Races" theme party in which everyone, adults and children participated with great energy and enthusiasm. There were presents for the kids and prizes for the winners. The celebration continued till midnight.

Every year, the Council has supported a cause and for the past few years it has been the Kentuckiana Children's Center in Louisville, Kentucky. ICA has always had a relationship with Kentuckiana as its late Founder/Administrator Dr. Golden was an emeritus member of the ICA and also one of ICA's earliest Distinguished Fellows. Also, many ICA Council leaders, members and Pediatric Diplomates credit Dr. Golden's influence on them as students or new doctors , for their desire to care for children today. Two years ago the Council raised nearly $7,000 for the center with a raffle. This year an electric scooter, donated by a generous supporter of the Center was the prize.

The Council also announced its support of another cause during the Conference ...the mother of a baby who died on Thanksgiving Day in 1997 following DPT vaccination. One of the speakers, Dr. Harold Buttram, a medical doctor from Pennsylvania who is against mandatory immunization, brought with him the mother of a child whom he believes died from a vaccine reaction and not from shaken baby syndrome as prosecutors said. The father however, was accused of murder and is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Since the parents could not afford to pay an attorney they had to depend on the services of a public defender. The mother's story touched everyone, especially when she related the indignities, accusations and injustice she has had to endure from the public, the media and the courts. However, instead of bemoaning the injustice of it all she has taken the courageous step of establishing a website devoted to educating other parents about the dangers of vaccines and to gather more information about vaccine-related deaths which can be used for research.

At the conclusion of the session, at the suggestion of many of the doctors present, Dr. McMullen announced that the Council was establishing a Chiropractor's Hero Fund to raise money for the mother to pay for the father's defense. He has one appeal left. Donations should be made out to: Chiropractor's Hero Fund, c/o Dr. Warren Bruhl, 630 Vernon Avenue, Suites F and H, Glencoe, IL 60022.

The ICA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics will celebrate its 10^th anniversary and hold its 11^th international conference at The Broadmoor Resort, November 9-11, 2001 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For information about membership in the ICA Pediatrics Council contact 1-800-423-4690 or 703/528-5000, send faxed request to 703/351-7893 or visit ICA's website at www.chiropractic.org.