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ICA Continues to Take on Medicare Challenges as Chiropractic Summit Partners Unanimously Agree on the Common Goal of Ending Discrimination

June 1, 2016 – Special Update from the International Chiropractors Association on Medicare Legislation
The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) holds a longstanding commitment to eliminating discrimination, both against chiropractors and chiropractic patients, in the federal Medicare program. ICA views this objective as a critical concern, with  far-reaching impact as many health policies and third-party coverage systems look to aspects of the Medicare program as their
reference model. 

At a recent meeting of the Chiropractic Summit, a coalition of over forty chiropractic associations, institutions and vendors, the participating organizations unanimously adopted a resolution identifying the elimination of discrimination against both chiropractors and chiropractic patients in the federal Medicare program as an agreed-upon, high-priority goal.   The ICA has long held this objective as a high priority and sees the current climate of concern and agreement in the Summit as a unique opportunity to seek and secure tangible improvements in this important national program.   
"ICA is willing to devote great new energy to securing the passage of legislation that truly guarantees improved coverage of needed services under Medicare," said ICA Vice President Dr. Stephen Welsh, who also represents the ICA on the Chiropractic Summit Steering Committee. "ICA is proposing legislative language that clearly mandates new coverage for exams and x-rays, that allows for the patient to privately contract with all physician providers, as they are presently allowed to do with MDs and DOs, and that preserves the  current subluxation coverage mandate."
ICA is keenly aware of the historic negative attitude of the Medicare bureaucracy towards our profession.  Legislation that is merely enabling, meaning that it would permit but not require new services, is not acceptable. Such a move would forever place the future of chiropractors and our Medicare patients in the hands of regulators who have clearly demonstrated an unwillingness to cover any services without a clear mandate from Congress to do so. This is a risk the profession should not be asked to accept.

ICA believes that the doctor of chiropractic deserves to be treated fairly and with respect but believes with equal fervor that we are best served by preserving those aspects of the Medicare program that both protect and serve chiropractic's unique status as a truly natural healing science, anchored in the concept of the body as a self-healing organism and centered on subluxation detection and correction.

ICA encourages doctors of chiropractic nationwide and their patients to join ICA's National Medicare Fairness Campaign and add their voices to the call for the changes that all in the profession agree are a priority.  To learn more and sign the ICA petition, visit