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ICA Meets With West Virginia Attorney General's Office on Opioids Best Practices and Chiropractic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, June 15, 2016:  ICA President George Curry, DC and members of the ICA senior professional staff met today with representatives of the West Virginia Attorney General’s office in a detailed and positive dialogue aimed at strengthening that state’s opioids best practices program.  The objective of this program is to reduce the legal over-prescription and unnecessary utilization of addictive opioid drugs as a first line of care. This critical meeting took place at the request of the West Virginia Attorney General as part of their effort to develop the most effective set of policies and to generate statewide support for their implementation.  

Dr. Curry outlined the appropriateness of chiropractic as a first point of patient care for patients of all ages and presented extensive documentation on chiropractic effectiveness in the realm of overall drug consumption reduction and positive outcomes of populations who have received chiropractic care.  As a natural, drugless science with a proven record of clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness, chiropractic is a logical resource to be more fully utilized in this public health crisis.  

Along with research references and ICA’s Practice Guidelines, among the most compelling and effective resources ICA provided the West Virginia policy makers is the informative white paper, Chiropractic: A Safer Strategy than Opioids recently published by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP). The full text of this landmark paper can be accessed here.

Dr. Curry offered specific recommendations on how the current draft of the state’s opioids best practices document could be amended to better incorporate non-drug based care pathways, including chiropractic, and to more effectively encourage practitioners to understand and refer to those providers.  

"For over 120 years Chiropractic has been helping millions regain and maintain health through vertebral subluxation correction to optimize innate healing potential,” said Dr. Curry.  “Chiropractic care has never been a ‘treatment’ for pain, however countless studies have shown that subluxation correction by means of the chiropractic adjustment successfully aided those who are suffering with both acute and chronic pain. The current national crisis on opioid addiction and overdoses necessitates a new paradigm shift away from harmful drugs that treat symptoms and move towards chiropractic which is designed to promote health and function.  It is therefore critical that any initiative towards developing best practice opioid guidelines insure that the patient have access to chiropractic first."

ICA will be cooperating with the West Virginia Attorney General on an ongoing basis in response to that office’s request for talking points and additional clinical effectiveness and outcomes resources.  ICA will also be carefully coordinating those efforts with the chiropractic community in West Virginia to provide for maximum outreach and effectiveness.  For more information on For more information on Opioid Best Practices and Chiropractic, contact ICA at