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Plaintiffs Withdraw California SB 277 Lawsuit and Prepare to File a New Case

On August 22, 2016 Judge Dana Makato Sabraw of the federal district court for the southern district of California denied the request for a preliminary injunction that would have blocked the enforcement of SB 277 and allowed approximately 33,000 California schoolchildren to enter school while the legality of SB 277 was being challenged. 

After evaluation of the judge's detailed legal opinion, the legal team pressing the case against SB 277, which makes California the first and only state to legislatively eliminate personal belief exemptions from mandatory vaccination laws, decided to withdraw the case without prejudice and to reformulate and refile it in the near future. 

James Turner, lead counsel for the 17 families and the four health and education associations bringing the suit, said, "Judge Sabraw provided a detailed and thoughtful analysis of the more than 100 year old mandatory vaccine law, and how courts have recently interpreted it. This analysis provides a specific roadmap for how to challenge an 'aggressive' (Judge Sabraw's word) vaccine law such as SB 277."

The legal team is preparing the next legal action in light of Judge Sabraw's analysis. SB 277 makes California only the third state in which no personal or religious belief exemptions are recognized. West Virginia has never had such an exemption and Mississippi courts eliminated that state's exemption by a decision widely seen as based on unsound legal analysis. 

The legal team is confident that its next case will focus the court's attention on the facts of vaccine mandates and that California's law is outside what is permitted under the more than 100 years of vaccine law analyzed by Judge Sabraw.

"Because of the certainty of further legal action on this vital issue of personal freedom and choice, ICA will continue to raise funds that are dedicated to support this ongoing legal effort," said Dr. Corey Rodnick, Chair of the ICA Legal Action Committee and Legal Action Fund. "It is the right thing to do and I personally want to encourage every doctor of chiropractic and concerned citizen to become familiar with the issues and to support this vitally important effort," added Dr. Rodnick. 

The ICA's unique online advocacy platform, AdjustTheVote, has a special arrangement for contributions to this important issue, 100% of which are directed to this critical challenge of personal health rights. To contribute to this cause, go to - ICA's donation site provides the opportunity to indicate an organization or coalition you are aligned with and would like to be identified as part of the donation process (you may also use Group code CHIRO).