International Chiropractors Association

ICA Board of Directors Unanimously Votes to Give Full Support to California Vaccination Lawsuit

At its meeting of July 5, 2016, the ICA Board of Directors voted unanimously to publically endorse and support a landmark legal action in Federal court to seek to stay the implementation of the new mandatory California vaccination law enacted with the passage of the controversial SB 277. This historic federal court action, undertaken by the firm of Swankin & Turner ICA’s longtime legal counsel, on behalf of a number of individuals and organizations seeks to have the implementation of the law stayed until the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of its provisions has been resolved.

ICA’s Board action means that all appropriate resources and efforts of the ICA will now be channeled into positive, practical steps to help produce a positive outcome in this vitally important legal action. ICA will be looking to prepare a “friend of the court” or amicus brief in the case as well as look to identify individual doctors of chiropractic in California with children of school age that will be impacted by the new law to possibly be added as plaintiffs in the case. Also, the lawyers in this case have asked for ICA’s help in educating policy makers and the greater public nationwide on the basic human rights issues at stake and the need to step forward and speak out in every possible venue on the importance of preserving meaningful personal control and informed consent on all matters of health care.

“ICA’s swift and positive commitment of support for this vitally important action is most welcome and will make a profound difference as we proceed to build the case for staying the implementation of this far-reaching law and following through on the many steps we must pursue,” said James S. Turner, Esq., lead counsel in the case. “ICA’s support and leadership in mobilizing the chiropractic profession behind our efforts are both a courageous moral statement as well as an extremely important practical step towards a most worthy goal. Both are needed and sincerely appreciated.”

Among the other actions taken by the Board were the authorization of ICA’s Legal Action Fund to begin a nationwide fundraising effort to support the suit financially and to update ICA’s unique advocacy platform,, to prominently feature this legal action and ICA’s role in supporting its successful conclusion.

If you wish to make a personal donation to this monumental effort, you can do so through the AdjustTheVote Legal Action Fund donation module at:

ICA will be looking to mobilize the chiropractic profession nationwide behind this effort and is planning an aggressive, intelligent and effective multi-dimensional effort to do so. In this campaign, the personal efforts of every concerned doctor of chiropractic will be essential in educating chiropractic colleagues on the issues involved, mobilizing state associations and other chiropractic organizations, educating and mobilizing policy makers at all levels of government and in raising the legal funds necessary to keep this suit moving forward. It is estimated that the costs are likely to reach $50,000 a month in the next year or more.

“ICA’s goals in this effort is to truly make a fundamental difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and their families impacted by this mandatory vaccination law who are denied freedom of choice and informed consent,” said ICA President Dr. George Curry. “ICA continues to champion personal control over health care decision making as it has done since its founding 90 years ago and this current battle highlights the urgency of standing up for personal rights and freedoms which once they are removed, will be all but impossible to restore.”