Beth Clay

Beth Clay

Director of Government Relations

A Message from Beth Clay, Director of Government Relations

“ICA’s primary mission is to effectively represent the rights, concerns and needs of doctors of chiropractic and the patients they serve in the public policy process. ICA was founded as an organization to secure the rightful status of the chiropractic profession at all levels of government, worldwide. By combining and focusing power as individual health professionals, it helps increase the power and effectiveness of the chiropractic voice with legislators and policy makers.It is an honor and privilege to represent these efforts on your behalf and as a lifetime consumer of chiropractic care. I am excited about the changes I see on the horizon.

The ICA’s Government Relations activities in Washington, DC, are the first line of advocacy for our members.  We educate legislators and policy makers at all levels of government about the chiropractic profession, the importance of chiropractic care, research outcomes,and how chiropractic’s unique, drugless approach to health and healing meets the needs of millions of patients of all ages every day.  We deliver the message of ICA’s members about important issues related to policies, regulations, and legislation and offer viable solutions.

To broaden our reach and to collaborate within the profession, ICA actively participates in the Chiropractic Summit to advance common goals across the profession. ICA also engages with state associations to assist on state legislative and regulatory matters as needed. ICA engages with other health professions with activities such our participation in the Integrative Health Policy Consortium.

Advocacy is relationship based. Developing and maintaining relationships with elected officials is vital.

Community engagement is another vital role in advocacy and is as important an engagement at the state and federal level.  Many elected officials now serving in Washington, DC served in local and state office before being elected to a federal legislative position.  For example, former Speaker of the United States House of Representative John Boehner started out on his county Board of Trustees (which is an organization like that of a county council). He then was elected to serve as an Ohio State Representative for five years before being elected to the US House of Representatives where he served for 14 years.

The ICA seeks to keep our members continuously informed about legislative, regulatory and policy matters.  There are times when legislators need to hear directly from their constituent chiropractors and chiropractic patients. When these situations arise, we will reach out and ask members to make calls and writer letters.  The rise of electronic communications, email, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media have changed the landscape of advocacy. ICA is evolving with the times of social media communication and will maximize our messaging through these newer forms of communication. We will from time to time suggest our members actively utilize these tools to speak out and have your voice heard on pending legislation and policies.

International advocacy may be handled a bit differently, but ICA is engaged with our international colleagues in efforts to advance the profession worldwide. We often bring the depth and breadth of our expertise to the table when legislators or regulators in international jurisdictions have questions. It is my goal to see that every man, woman and child from Abu Dhabi to Alabama has access to well trained and professional doctors of chiropractic who are able to provide their services in a healthy regulatory environment that respects the value, benefit, and opportunity chiropractic care brings to the health services arena.

Please contact me at any time by e-mail at bclay@chiropractic.org with your questions and legislative concerns.  I will promptly and happily respond.”

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