The Fitness and Sports Health Science Council serves as a source for community health networking, educational and clinical resources. The Council empowers practitioners to advance health through exercise in the chiropractic paradigm.

Council programs and services address:

  • Chiropractic care in sports – from competitive athletes to family fitness
  • Research in strength & conditioning effectiveness/safety
  • Optimal performance enhancement/injury management protocols with chiropractic
  • Advances in clinical applications from sports science research
  • Optimal approaches to patient/community outreach/education

Council programs feature: Symposium on Natural Fitness & Sports with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a multi-disciplinary educational and networking conference with leaders in sports, rehabilitation, chiropractic, and family fitness.

Highlights/registration: Council Blog – www.icafitness.org and Symposium Info-Site – www.icasportsscience.org

The Council highlights research and clinical applications relating to chiropractic, sports, rehabilitation and community fitness with special focus on techniques, strategies/resources for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and case management.

JOIN US: Membership categories include Doctors of Chiropractic, Faculty, Affiliate (non-DC), and Student opportunities — a community of clinicians and fitness professionals.

Benefits include:

  • Listing in the Council Membership Referral Directory
  • Priority registration, special discounts for “ICA Symposium with Arnold”
  • Access to Council’s information/education services
  • Discounts on sports resources, publications, apparel
  • Complimentary subscription to Council news/research publications

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