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The ICA is for everyone… the experienced D.C., the new D.C., the student doctor, full- and part-time faculty…


The Practice Growth Academy


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The Chiropractic Choice


The Premier Journal for Chiropractors


Advocacy & Government Relations


ICA educates legislators and policy makers at all levels of government about the importance of chiropractic care.


How You Can Help


Learn important issues related to policies, regulations and legislation. Find out how you can help.


Membership Benefits

Value for Your Investment

The ICA is for everyone… the experienced D.C., the new D.C., the student doctor, full- and part-time faculty…In addition to the array of ICA committees and professional staff who are always working on your behalf and dedicated to advancing the Chiropractic profession, you get a world of benefits including:

  • Competitive professional liability insurance
  • Protection of your rights through an effective lobbying team
  • Opportunity for advancement through seminars and special conferences at special member rates
  • Online access to chiropractic’s premier magazine, the ICA Review and the e-newsletter, The Chiropractic Weekly, to keep you informed and provide you with information that is practice related
  • Listing in the online Membership Referral Directory, a database used extensively to refer ICA members to patients
  • Opportunity to expand your practice with marketing materials
  • Selection of a range of publications, videos, brochures and other materials for your professional and patient education programs at special member rates
  • Substantial discounts on King Koil mattresses
  • and much, much more!
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ICA Meets Your Needs and Stands for Chiropractic
ICA’s goal is to preserve and advance the chiropractic profession and to provide benefits and services that will enhance the personal and professional development of the doctor of chiropractic. ICA also represents and promotes the interests of chiropractors and the patients they serve through advocacy, research and education.
To enable ICA to be outsandingly productive and to ensure that it optimally meets your needs as a field practitioner, the ICA has a committee structure comprised of volunteer members who have the expertise and know-how in specific key areas. These include services and tasks directly related to the practicing DC that are overseen by the following committee areas:
  • Practice Management and Development
  • Legislative Affairs and Advocacy, Political Action
  • Postgraduate Education and Professional Development
  • Public Relations and Patient Education
  • Membership Services and Benefits
  • Definitions and Policies, Position Statements
  • Posture Committee and Product Research
  • Legal Affairs
  • Insurance Relations and Managed Care

Our Values

In 2018 the International Chiropractors Association is as committed to the rights of the chiropractic practitioner and his/her patients as it was nine decades ago. ICA welcomes all chiropractors who believe in and want:
  • Advancing chiropractic’s distinct identity as a drugless healing art
  • Full integration of chiropractic with other health care professions—not subordination
  • Freedom of choice in health care providers and informed consent
  • Full inclusion of chiropractic in all public and private health care delivery programs
  • The need to educate policy makers regarding the non-duplicative, alternative approach chiropractic offers the consumer
  • Clinical research to fully examine and document the effectiveness and potential of chiropractic science
  • The individual’s right to freedom of choice and opposition to compulsory programs such as immunizations that infringe upon those rights
  • The development of guidelines based on full and open participation by all segments of the profession, not the “Mercy Guidelines” which imposes restrictions and liabilities on the practitioner and the profession.
If you share these values, then join ICA!  (PDF) It’s the organization that works for chiropractic!


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The Chiropractic Choice

The Premier Journal for Chiropractic Doctors

Radiology Guidelines

Official X-ray Guideline of the ICA

Best Practices & Practice Guidelines

Evidence-based Suggestions for Appropriate Care of Patients

ICA Code of Professional Ethics

ICA Code of Professional Ethics

Medicare Made Easy!

A Special Report From The ICA Medicare Committee

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