Dr. Kevin Pallis

Growth Coach June 2018

Dr. Kevin J. Pallis, of Norwood, MA, is the owner of The New Renaissance, an elite, one-on-one Chiropractic coaching company. Dr. Kevin coaches Chiropractors to add purpose, passion, and prosperity to their practices and their lives.He is a 1982 graduate (valedictorian) of Logan College of Chiropractic.

He has been a Chiropractic coach for over 18 years and has guided over 1,000 DCs throughout the US and Canada. Dr. Kevin is the trusted authority for creating Once in a Lifetime Practices: practice the way you choose, with humanitarianism, spectacular clinical results, and 3,5,10x the economics. Because of his expertise and the one-on-one relationship he has with each doctor, he is considered more of a lifeline, rather than a coach/consultant.

Dr. Kevin has lectured for numerous state conventions on subjects varying from the ‘The Science of VSC’, to ‘Pediatrics’, ‘How to Speak to a Millennial’, and ‘The Nuts and Bolts of Creating a Successful Practice Anywhere, With or Without Insurance.’

He is the developer and creator of many proprietary books, along with audio and video concepts  for DCs and their patients. Some of these are: ‘The Parent’s Guide to Creating Healthy, Purposeful Children’,  ‘The No New Patient Solution’, ‘The Making of a Miracle’, the 21-Day DCME Video Program for patients, the Baseline Assessment for children, and a complete patient education system which includes what to say to patients every step of the way from the moment they walk in. The 21-Day DCME (Difficult Cases Made Easy) Video Program helps doctors tackle difficult cases, especially children, that most DCs don’t see in their offices.

Philanthropic achievements include being the creator and founder of Love Has No Color, a movement to restore the health, hope, and dignity of Native American kids living in third world conditions on the Fort Peck Native American Reservation in Montana. Love Has No Color was founded in 2005. The website is savethereservation.org

Dr. Kevin’s Chiropractic goals are:

  • To create as many Once in a Lifetime DCs as possible.
  • To teach the lost art of communication skills and to teach the DCs how to educate their patients about Chiropractic.
  • Simplify Chiropractic to helping lots of people, having it be fun again, and having it be extremely profitable.


  • Peter Kevorkian, President of Massachusetts Alliance for Chiropractic Philosophy, Board of Trustees for Sherman College, 781-769-2500
  • Dr. Ernie Landi, Board of Directors of New Beginnings, 845-356-4848
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