Dr. Mark Radermacher

Dr. Mark Radermacher

Growth Coach October 2018

Dr. Mark Radermacher started and ran a very successful chiropractic practice before founding Total Practice Management International, LLC (TPMI) 28 years ago. He has lectured to doctors and students through seminars, at chiropractic colleges and universities and at various conventions and annual meetings. He has guided doctors in building ethical, balanced and successful practices on 3 continents.

The practice models that Dr. Radermacher has developed use a unique communications system along with a solid organizational system that when properly combined, provide the pillars that TPMI stands on. With a myriad of copyrights, some of which include: The 10 Minute Pre-Consultation, The 5 minute Report of Findings, The 5 minute Re-Report of Findings, The Adjusting Dialogue, The Adjusting Referral, The Patient Fade Response, The Patient Minimization Response, The 20 Hour Practice Week, Cluster Scheduling, Uptime and Downtime, The New Patient Tracking Form, The Money Magic Worksheet and many others, he has set a new standard of success in the practice management industry.

Offering a definable, defendable and replicable set of systems, Dr. Radermacher has guided the serious and philosophically sound chiropractor in building a scientific based high patient retention practice coupled with low stress and high volume, while enjoying an admirable level of profitability.

In an era of “unsustainable high charisma” and “temporary quick fix” style management, Dr. Radermacher has quietly developed a no-nonsense program for those chiropractors who demand only the best to take them from day one to retirement.

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