Dr. Mike Reid

Dr. Mike Reid

Growth Coach March 2019

Dr. Mike’s VISION is to deliver his message to audiences on a grand scale. With his energetic presentations, inspiration is drawn on his personal, clinical, and entrepreneurial experiences. His exceptional story telling abilities share those key values that comprise his vision of: prosperity, success, marketing and philosophy through life mastery.

As an accomplished Doctor, a result-driven coach and a gifted communicator, Dr. Mike brings passion and vitality to his presentations. In the years he has been a public speaker and a coach, he has produced incredible results through his powerful messages to thousands of people all over the world.

Dr. Mike is available for speaking engagements for doctor’s groups, corporations, associations, public seminars and other events. He also runs several signature, world renown events such as a 3 day, “The Master Within” life experiential, high ropes boot camp, designed to help people worldwide maximize the expression of their potential within. He also runs an annual “Ultimate Caribbean Adventure Mastermind”, which is designed to help entrepreneurs master the world of social media, internet marketing and business development.

Dr. Mike Reid’s success as a peak performance coach, business entrepreneur and chiropractor inspires fellow doctors across North America, Europe and Australia.

He is the Head Coach and CEO of Chiropractic Masters International, which has an impeccable reputation for its’ practice and life building seminars. Through his tried, testing and true business models, Dr. Mike has also created a million dollar practice for himself and countless clients.

Dr. Mike has a massive advantage over many other professional speakers, because his unique and ongoing innovations in today’s business models, which helps his clients grow their own businesses with incredible and most importantly, proven results.

Dr. Mike Reid also originated and is involved with “Chiropractic Without Borders”. A non-profit organization, whose goal it is to initiate and support chiropractic missions around the world, in order to allow people without access to healthcare to benefit from the advantages of chiropractic care.

Dr. Mike and his group of mission doctors have seen many miracles first hand, allowing them to passionately believe in their contribution to long lasting development in these countries. Dr. Mike has already been on 6 missions and is looking forward to completing a 7th in May, 2018, in Dominican Republic.

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