Freedom of Choice of Health Care Pathways in All Programs Public and Private

Discrimination against any provider group, as a whole, is harmful to patients and restricts the patient’s ability to select the provider of their choice.  Health plan discrimination is not only wrong in principle but is without justification based on the universal benchmarks of quality of healthcare.  ICA holds that the patient is entitled to free choice of the healthcare pathway and regime of professional care they believe best meets their personal needs and that of their family members. To secure that right, the ICA has championed state insurance equality laws that put the power of state statues behind patients’ rights and campaigned to secure the inclusion of patient choice provisions in the national Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) which passed the US Congress and was signed into law in 2010.  Section 2706 of the PPACA seeks to preserve patient choice by providing that insurance carriers should not discriminate against any class of provider that is licensed to perform any given service.  For more information on Section 2706, click here. While there has been discussion of a full repeal of the PPACA, no such action has taken place and Section 2706 remains in US law.

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