Falls Church, VA March 30, 2020 11:55 am: Today he International Chiropractors Association sent Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis a letter requesting a reconsideration of the Department of Regulatory Affairs COVID-19 determination. Doctors of chiropractic are essential health care service providers and rightly designated as a ‘critical profession’ by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs in their recently released Guidance on Critical vs. Non-Critical Business Professions.

The document however creates an impossible barrier for doctors of chiropractic in that the department insists that chiropractors may continue working “ONLY if providing services through a medical office or practice and if adhering to the mandated Executive Order prohibiting elective procedures.”  Just as dentists, doctors of optometry or podiatric medicine, do not operate out of the facilities of medical doctors, neither do most doctors of chiropractic. Such a limitation on providing care creates a barrier to access during a critical time in the state’s desire to keep its residents safe. Chiropractors, most of whom are small business owners, provide important and essential services to patients in their communities; many recovering from automobile accidents, falls, or traumatic musculoskeletal injuries and have acute or chronic pain that the lack of access to care could slow their recovery and create a pain crisis. Chiropractors are providing a valuable health care service to help individuals avoid opioids. Research is showing that when the first point of care for pain is a chiropractor, opioids are typically avoided.

The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) is providing continual guidance to our members and the entire chiropractic community about following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other guidance on infection avoidance through regular communications and on our COVID website https://www.chiropractic.org/covid.  The ICA supports the ability of doctors of chiropractic in making an informed decision about having their practice open, based on the local situation; and the direction from local authorities.

Established in 1926 in Davenport, Iowa, by Dr. B. J. Palmer, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) is the world’s oldest international chiropractic professional organization representing practitioners, students, chiropractic assistants, educators and lay persons world-wide. The ICA is dedicated to the growth and development of the chiropractic profession based on Dr. Palmer’s fundamental belief in the principle and philosophy of chiropractic as a unique, separate, distinct and drugless health care profession.

The ICA has requested that  Governor Polis remove the limitation implemented in the Guidance on Critical vs. Non-Critical Business Professions provision that limits the chiropractors from operating unless they are “providing services through a medical office or practice”.

The  ICA’s Letter to Governor Policy is available by clicking here.  


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