ICA Supports the Patriot Project & Encourages Members to Participate

To sign up for The Patriot Project, through which doctors of chiropractic provide free care to returning veterans, go to:  http://www.patriot-project.org/

In February 1, 2009, the Washington Post featured a report on the strain of the heavy loads service personnel are obliged to carry every day.  In the article titled, “Weight of Combat Gear Is Taking TollThe Loads Are Contributing to Injuries That Are Keeping Some Troops on the Sidelines,” the article’s author reported:

“Army leaders and experts say the injuries — linked to the stress of bearing heavy loads during repeated 12- or 15-month combat tours — have increased the number of soldiers categorized as “non-deployable.” Army personnel reported 257,000 acute orthopedic injuries in 2007, up from 247,000 the previous year.

As injuries require more soldiers to return home, the Military isfinding it harder to fill units for upcoming deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, said Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, the service’s vice chief of staff.” [i]

Military personnel can often bring the consequences of those strains home with them, along with a host of other issues, injuries and concerns, making it important that they receive the most comprehensive care available..  Available reports have also highlighted the urgency of commissioning doctors of chiropractic as health care officers in the US military. These commissioned doctors of chiropractic would be available in combat zones to provide on-going care where it can be most effective in keeping service personnel fit for active duty and in preventing long term disabilities.

“The need for chiropractic services in the military and among the world’s veteran populations only continues to grow,” said Dr. McLean.  “The ICA is looking for ways and means to strengthen and enhance such servicesthrough all possible pathways, both public and private. It is a very high priority.”

For information on recent veterans’ legislation, click here.

[i]Tyson, Ann Scott, “Weight of Combat Gear Is Taking Toll-The Loads Are Contributing to Injuries That Are Keeping Some Troops on the Sidelines,” The Washington Post,February 1, 20009.

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