Informed Consent and Freedom of Choice on Vaccination Issues

For more than half-a-century, the ICA had stood for informed consent and patient choice on vaccination issues.  ICA has adopted a formal policy statement:

The International Chiropractors Association recognizes that the use of vaccines is not without risk and questions the wisdom of mass vaccination programs. Chiropractic principles favor the enhancement of natural immunity over artificial immunization.


The ICA supports each individual’s right to select his or her own health care and to be made aware of the possible adverse effects of vaccines upon a human body.  In accordance with such principles and based upon the individual’s right to freedom of choice, the ICA is opposed to compulsory programs which infringe upon such rights.


The International Chiropractors Association is supportive of a conscience clause or waiver in compulsory vaccination laws, providing an elective course of action for all regarding immunization, thereby allowing patients freedom of choice in matters affecting their bodies and health. 

ICA has worked to secure the rights of citizens to maintain control over their personal health care and that of their family members by enacting personal choice exemptions to state mandatory vaccination laws.  ICA has also sought to foster and support an objective and evidence-based national dialogue on vaccination injury risks, the effectiveness record and both medical physician and pharmaceutical industry accountability.  This is the case as federal law has banned any and all vaccine injury lawsuits, guaranteeing drug companies unlimited profit-making in a stable, liability-free market for old and new vaccines recommended and mandated by government.  The only recourse an injured individual or parent has is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) through which awards are almost impossible to obtain but yet$3.5 billion has been awarded to more than 3,500 vaccine victims, mostly adults with two-thirds of all claims being denied.

The ICA strongly supports the efforts of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) to educate consumers, public policy makers and the media regarding recordsof adverse events associated with vaccines and encourages all concerned citizens to take advantage of information this unique organization has available.  For more information, go to:   https://www.nvic.org/


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