Full-time family practice Associate Chiropractor at Bayside Chiropractic, PC, in Seekonk, MA

Job/Career • USA - Northeast

Chiropractic care for the entire family. We use SOT® Methods chiropractic and cranial care, as well as other chiropractic techniques, to support patient’s proper development.

Our practice gives special emphasis to treating pregnancy and pediatrics (including newborns.) We have Certified Lactation Consultants on staff to offer lactation support for breastfeeding moms and babies. We strive to support families throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

Check us out at www.BaysideChiroProvidence.com.

Please refer to the Associate DC contract (here), detailing our full compensation package. Our most recent new Associate earned $88,000 in her first year (2021) and is on track to gross $120,000 this year.

If interested, you may reach out directly to Dr. Paul O’Brien by email at BaysideChiro@msn.com or by phone at (401) 223-0111 to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

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Dr. Paul O’Brien

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