Michael Griesmer

Michael Griesmer

Director of Membership

Michael Griesmer serves as the ICA’s Membership Director, with 18 years’ experience with the ICA.  Always interested in health, Michael attended and learned from all the chiropractic seminars, videos and books he could get his hands on, and became a regular patient and a staunch advocate for chiropractic.  A highly skilled computer professional, he is the first one called when there is a computer, phone, printer or copy machine issue. Michael maintains the ICA membership databases and generates council membership invoices and posts payments received. He also works on all the ICA news email broadcasts and maintains most of ICA’s (and the Councils’) websites. Michael handles seminar registrations and assists the faculty with their technology needs. Prior coming to the ICA, he served in several administrative and management positions, two of which were bi-lingual English/Spanish.  He holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from The Catholic University in Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

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