Student Testimonials

As a daughter of two practicing chiropractors, chiropractic was always a positive influence in my life, but my path to becoming a chiropractor was circuitous. From age 11 to 32, music was my first love and I followed it to become a professional musician. To help with bills, I took a position as a chiropractic assistant and discovered, or re-discovered, another passion. Seeing how our patients’ lives were transformed through chiropractic care made me decide to become a chiropractor. Plus, I’m a percussionist…I’m great with my hands. I am happy to be an active member of Student ICA. The ICA is protecting my right to practice subluxation based chiropractic care, free of drugs and surgery, and no other organization has as much political and legal influence on the profession as the ICA. I look forward to my bright future as a chiropractor and professional ICA member.

Zoe Pogrelis

Student, Life University COC, ICA member since January 2013

I am a second year Life University student and I chose to join the ICA due to the fact that I must remain aware of what is actually happening in chiropractic, outside of my school. The ICA will give me the tools so I can do my part in keeping chiropractic what it is truly meant to be. I know that the ICA will continue to fight for the rights of chiropractors around the world; so as to ensure our ability to practice for years to come!

Christopher Catagnus B.S.

Student, Life University, ICA member since January 2016

My experience with the ICA as a student has been truly life changing. Through the ICA I have been able to meet some of the most successful, inspiring, and influential chiropractors in the world. Being able to meet doctors of this caliber and have them take a genuine interest in helping me achieve my chiropractic dreams is incredibly exciting and motivating. Through the SICA I have made friends from around the country who I’ll have the rest of my life, each one of us pushing the others to continue to excel as we continue forward in life. The ICA has been an invaluable experience and I believe every student in a DC program needs to be a part of this amazing association.
Dominick John Ranieri III

Student, Life University, ICA member since December 2015

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