ICA has consistently supported legislation that would expand coverage for chiropractic services to military dependents and retirees under the US Department of Defense TRICARE program.  In the current Congress, Congressmen Mike D. Rogers (R-AL) and David Loebsack, (D-IA) have introduced HR 4973, the Chiropractic Health Parity for Military Beneficiaries Act.  This legislation seeks to implement a permanent inclusion of chiropractic services through Tricare to military retirees, their dependents and survivors. The legislation will require access to chiropractic, without a referral from other health providers.

Beth Clay, Director of Government Relations stated, “It is past time that those who have served our nation and their families should be ensured access to chiropractic care through their Tricare insurance. Congressman Rogers has introduced this important legislation nine times since 2003.  Last session, Congress instructed the Administration to study the feasibility of expanding chiropractic coverage in Tricare beyond active duty members to also include retirees, dependents and survivors. We will be asking every member of Congress to co-sponsor this bill and help it become law.”

“Congress has expanded access to chiropractic in both DOD and VA hospitals; expanding access through Tricare is needed to ensure access for all our retirees, their dependents and survivors” stated Dr. George Curry, President of ICA. He continued, “Expanding access to chiropractic care for our veterans and their families who have sacrificed and given so much for us must be a top priority.”


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