ICA Annual Philosophy Conference

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October 8, 2021 - October 9, 2021

Minneapolis, Minnesota

CE Credits Available

The goal of the Philosophy Conference is to bring together doctors and students who are either interested in philosophy or want to have a better understanding of chiropractic principles. It is an opportunity to hear from experts and distinguished speakers on this subject. It is also designed to advance discourse and open dialogue with the presentation of professional papers from field doctors and academia and to generate interest and excitement in true chiropractic philosophy and its application to life and practice. Registration information coming soon!


Matt Alvord, DC, DPhCS

Rick Burns, DC, DPhCS, FICA

Lyle Koca, DC, ACP, DPhCS

Jason Louie, DC, SCP, DPhCS

Dan Lyons Gonestead, DC, LCP, DPhCS

Brad Poock, DC, LCP, DPhCS

Liz Schafer, DC, ACP, DPhCS

Rob Sinnott, DC, LCP, FPhC, FICA

Joe Stevens, DC, ACP, DPhCS

Sean Walker, DC

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Registration & Pricing

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Registration Pricing
ICA/ Philosophy Council Member - DC $200
Non-Member - DC $250
Non-DC/ CA $175
Student - Member $100
Student - Non-member $150
Guest or Spouse $175

Registration fees include entrance to all lectures and exhibits, a printed program, and lunch on Saturday. DC registration includes CEs. In registration, there is an option to add a guest, this guest cannot receive CEs and is intended for your spouse or special guest. Additionally, there is an option to sponsor a student. All student scholarship money will go towards offering conference registration to chiropractic students.

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