ICA Legal Defense Fund 2021

Chiropractic is under attack!

February 17, 2021

Today, it’s British Columbia. Tomorrow it could be your jurisdiction. As representatives of the international chiropractic community, we must take a stand.

The ICA has established the Legal Defense Fund 2021 as a portal for donations to be gathered to help our colleagues in British Columbia fight their restraint of trade battle.

If there are future battles, we will continue to gather resources for those battles as needed. No monies go to the ICA from this fund.

The ICA since its founding has been willing to fight the hard fights to protect and promote chiropractic. Sometimes that means litigation. ICA has been asked to assist, and we are. We now ask our entire chiropractic community to support the British Columbia colleagues in this legal challenge.

How can you support the ICA LDF?

The ICA LDF offers a few different ways for you to show your support. Explore the options below or contact us if you have any questions.

1. Online with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card

You can contribute online one-time or on a monthly recurring basis via our PayPal Donation Portal. The PayPal donation portal supports contributions from your PayPal account or most major debit and credit cards. For more information about PayPal, visit https://www.paypal.com/.

To contribute via our PayPal donation portal, click the button below or scan the QR code below with your smart phone.

Scan with your smart phone.

2. Credit/Debit Card via Telephone

You can contribute over the telephone with most major credit and debit cards by calling the ICA home office at 1-703-528-5000.

3. Check via Mail

You can contribute by sending a check to the ICA home office using the information below.

Payable to:
International Chiropractors Association

ICA Legal Defense Fund 2021

Mail to:
International Chiropractors Association
ICA Legal Defense Fund
6400 Arlington Blvd., Suite 650
Falls Church, VA 22042

4. Credit/Debit Card via Secure Fax

For more information about contributions via secure fax or to request the card authorization form, please contact the ICA home office at 1-703-528-5000

ICA Secure Fax: 703-528-5023

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