Chiropractic Candidates for Office – 2022 Election Cycle

The International Chiropractors Association is Developing a List of Chiropractors Running for Elected Office.

Placement on this list should not be considered an endorsement. We believe chiropractors want to know when other chiropractors are running for office. If you are aware of a chiropractor running for office, please email the name of the candidate (or existing legislator), office, and if possible a website to for inclusion on this site. This is a non-partisan activity.

Craig A. Gagnon, DCSC State Representative District 11
First Elected in 2013
Cordie Williams, DCUS Senate from California
Chiropractor and Veteran of USMC
Ammitai Worob, DCNew York State Senate
Ambassador Carla Sands, DC US Senate from Pennsylvania
Chiropractor and recent Ambassador to Denmark
Garrett Soldano, DCMichigan Governor
Robert Borer, III, DCMichigan State District 33
Gregory Ferch, DC
Idaho State Representative
Legislative District 22 Seat A

First Elected in 2020
Fred Deutch, DC
South Dakota State Representative District 4
First Elected in 2015

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