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January 1, 2022 - December 29, 2022


CE Credits Available

Part 1 of Distance Learning Series from the International Chiropractors Association on Sports and Fitness

Courses Offered:

  • Certain, Center, Strong
  • Chiropractic’s Critical Role in Supporting the Peak Performance Needs of High-stress Professionals
  • Interconnecting the Systems of the Body for Concussion Recovery
  • Hidden Concussions in Sports: Sub-Concussive vs. Concussive Impacts
  • Assessment, Prevention, and Management with Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Injuries
  • Extremity Adjusting – the Shoulder
  • Weightlifting and CrossFit Athletes in the Chiropractic Sports Practice



Frederick R. Carrick, DC, PhD, MS-HPEd

Jack Barnathan, DC

Karyn Marshall

Keith Rau. DC, CCEP

Ken Kinakin. DC. CSCS


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CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Jack Barnathan, DC
  • The impact of stress on physical and neurological performance. A review of studies on the impact of stress on the nervous system and human performance.  The changes created with meditative technique. A review of various meditation techniques and how they can be applied in the Chiropractic office. The critical role form and technique create with personal training.  Flexibility and its impact on spindle fiber reflex / neurological impact. Wellness Strategies that enhance the Chiropractic experience such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation.
  • The impact of physical activity on neurological/hormonal peak performance. The use of specific physical activities and training by elite athletes for peak living/peak performance. The unique changes that actors / models train themselves to create in their “presence” and persona, which can be applied by Chiropractic patients in enhancing confidence, and physical performance.
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Jack Barnathan, DC
  • Review of the evidence of physical stress and its effects on the musculoskeletal, neurological, hormonal systems in the workplace environment.
  • Chiropractic case studies regarding physical fitness training and pro sports performance.
  • Didactic review of the step by step process of chiropractic examination and assessment for professional athletes and performers including consideration of bio-mechanical and environmental stress.
  • Instructive review of examples of the physical stress upon the neuromuscular and neurological systems in personal training.
  • Review of the true whole person impact of chiropractic care upon the neurological system.
  • A review of the history of Chiropractic in both “physical support” of the chiropractic adjustment and its role as the original “wellness” professional.
  • Didactic review of the unique stresses experienced by white collar workers and methods of chiropractic support through direct adjustment / correction, and strategic lifestyle.
  • Evidence-based comparison of stressors / causes of stress and cortisol related damage between the corporate, fitness and sports arenas.
  • Evidence-informed review of nutritional supports for the high-stress patient from cortisol / swelling, reducing meals, food ingredients and meal design presentation.
  • The impact of personal posture as detailed by Dr. A Cuddy’s Harvard University studies and the parallels to the chiropractic adjustment / care.
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Frederick R. Carrick, DC, PhD, MS-HPEd

• Applications of procedures utilized by the sports chiropractor both
• Quantification of neurological function and performance
• Examining neurological biomechanics for structural strength and endurance
• Consequences of neurological injury & treatment plans for athletes
• Case studies particular to fitness & athletes regarding the cervical spine
• Evidence-based model of player-specific rehabilitation and exercise used in treatment

CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Ashkan Jalili, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABBIR

The presentation will emphasize equally the following with more emphasis on in-clinic novel therapies utilized for athlete’s recovery.
• Definition of Sports-Related Concussion (Berlin Consensus) & Sub-concussive Impacts
• Implications of sub-concussions in sports: from high school to professional
• Cervical neuromuscular changes post-concussion
• Vestibular and Balance Impairments
• Challenges in Diagnosing professional athletes vs. non-professional athletes
• The Role of SMT in concussion and post-concussion treatment
• Case study review

CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Ken Kinakin. DC. CSCS

The presentation walks through the following points with a focus on professional bodybuilders and athletes.

  • Detection of shoulder injuries
    • Shoulder anatomy review
  • Techniques for assessing the shoulder injury, specifically for muscular injuries, joint injuries, or neurological dysfunction
  • Addressing the most common shoulder injuries
    • Bench press: detection, assessment, recovery, and prevention
    • Shoulder press: detection, assessment, recovery, and prevention
    • Lateral Dumbbell raise: detection, assessment, recovery, and prevention
  • Specific treatment for each injury type and common shoulder injuries
  • Shoulder specific rehabilitation exercises
  • Case studies specific to each injury type
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Keith Rau. DC, CCEP

The goal of this seminar is to provide an introduction to the rationale and skills necessary for the care of common upper extremity subluxations that present in the chiropractor’s office.  The emphasis is on the acquisition of hands-on skills necessary to assess and adjust common upper extremity subluxations.  Additional, rehabilitation considerations and case management will be discussed.

  • Introduction: Subluxations & the shoulder
  • Overview of Basic concepts and care of extremities
  • Chiropractic care and the extremities
    • Safety, stability, and subluxation
  • Adjusting the shoulder, a step by step process
  • Rehabilitation considerations
  • Case management and documentation
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Karyn Marshall

• Define Weightlifting and CrossFit from both an athletic and chiropractic perspective
• Analyze research as it relates to chiropractic injuries and the athlete
• Common Injuries and overlooked risks of the athlete within Chiropractic
• Case study focused on a weightlifting patient, their injuries, and benefits of chiropractic care
• Address the biopsychosocial, mind, and body models for athletes
• Evaluating conditions, initial assessments, treatment plans, and outcomes for athletes of all ages and levels

Continuing Education

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While applications relating to credit hours for license renewal in elected states have been executed for these programs, it remains attendees’ responsibility to contact the state board(s) from whom they seek continuing education credits for purposes of ensuring said board(s) approve both venue and content as they relate to any seminar/course/lecture/webinar/online presentation (event). Neither a speaker’s or exhibitor’s presence at said event, nor product mention nor display, shall in any way constitute the CE provider’s endorsement. The CE provider’s role is strictly limited to processing, submitting, and archiving program documents on behalf of course sponsors.

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