Pediatrics 201: Supplementary Chiropractic Pediatrics Distance Learning 2022

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January 15, 2022 - December 29, 2022


CE Credits Available

Join us for recorded Pediatrics focused CE hours, available January – December 31, 2022

Courses Offered:

  • Preconception Chiropractic Care
  • Assessing and Managing Patients at Risk for Hypermobility
  • Functional Exercises for Pregnant Women and New Mothers
  • Postpartum Postural Distortions
  • Developmental Milestones and Reflexes as it Applies to Chiropractic Consideration
  • Development and Physical Evaluation of the Young Athlete
  • Managing Complex Cases in Chiropractic Practice: Pelvic Deformity & Pregnancy and Duane Syndrome


Sarah Baribeau, MS

Stephanie O'Neill Bhogal, DC, DICCP

Alaina Rowswell Kulikowski, DC, DICCP

Anne-Marie Roy, DC, DICCP

Meghan Van Loon, PT, DC, DICCP, FICPA

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CE Hours: 1 hours
Speakers: Meghan Van Loon, PT, DC, DICCP, FICPA

Defining the importance of chiropractic care prior to concept:

  • Assessment of patient’s health, existing conditions and prior chiropractic treatments
  • Correcting existing concerns prior to conception and reasons for any preconception care
    • Proper spinal alignment, eliminating VSC, proper muscular function, proper cell function
  • Addressing Environmental and nutritional concerns
  • Addressing patient stress level
  • Evaluating and addressing patient’s exercise level
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Sarah Baribeau, MS

Detailed explanation on the following benefits and their relation to ongoing chiropractic care:

  • Musculo skeletal pain in the pregnant patient
  • Detection and exercises for diastasis
  • Core strength in the pregnant patient and appropriate exercise
  • Assessment & Guidelines for both pregnant and postpartum patient’s physical activity
  • Pelvic floor strength assessment and strengthening exercises
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Meghan Van Loon, PT, DC, DICCP, FICPA

Review of postural correction and chiropractic care for the following distortions:

  • Observation and documentation
  • Utilizing patient history during a postural examination
  • Typical Pregnancy Posture, observation and correction
  • Upper and lower extremity complaints
    • Carpal tunnel, shoulder, foot and ankle, hamstring
  • Cervical and thoracic spine complaints, and recognition
  • Lumbar spine injury and low back pain
  • Assessment & Guidelines for both pregnant and postpartum patient’s physical activity
  • Pelvic floor strength assessment and strengthening exercises
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Alaina Rowswell Kulikowski, DC, DICCP
  • Defining Normal Reflexes for first year of life
    • Demonstrating and aging changes at each stage
  • Identifying developmental milestones for first year of life
    • 0-2 mos, 3-4 mos, 5-7 mos, 8-10mos, 11-13 mos, 14 mos +
  • Atypical Findings and Application to practice
    • Assisting mother/ infant breastfeeding goals with evaluating reflexes
    • Monitoring reflexes as baby continues to grow and progress
    • Utilizing reflexes to accomplish skill
  • Social skill monitoring and communicating with patients care team
  • Developing chiropractic care plans for developmental delays
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Stephanie O'Neill Bhogal, DC, DICCP
  • Introduce pediatric cervical spine hypermobility/instability and the challenges this presents for the chiropractor managing these complex cases
  • Discuss common conditions associated with cervical spine hypermobility/instability (30 mins)
    • Down Syndrome
    • Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome
    • Juvenile RA
  • Present current guidelines for assessing patients with possible hypermobility/instability
    • Imaging & mensuration
  • Discuss appropriate modifications to chiropractic care
    • Low-force technique approaches
    • Demonstration
  • Case presentations
CE Hours: 2 hours
Speakers: Anne-Marie Roy, DC, DICCP
  • Evaluating physical development of your adolescent patient
  • Assessing and evaluating neurological development
  • Defining global motricity as it pertains to adolescence
  • Sexual maturation as it concerns to young athlete patients
  • Building and utilizing clinical exams specific to young adolescent athletes
    • Physical, neurological
    • Pre existing conditions
  • Communication and continuing care around appropriate recovery and athletic training
CE Hours: 1 hours
Speakers: Stephanie O'Neill Bhogal, DC, DICCP
  • Case Presentation: Patient with Pelvic Deformity
  • Discuss and define pelvic deformity
    • Implications for birth
    • Cephalopelvic disproportion
  • Appropriate modifications for each patient
    • Initial evaluation, Preexisting conditions, previous chiropractic experience
  • Chiropractic analysis and care plan for the patient

Continuing Education

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Kentucky Approved Limit of 8 CE hours per day.
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