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Clearwater, FL

Julie Mayer Hunt, DC, DICCP, FCCJP

I joined the ICA shortly after graduating in 1981 and I have been grateful for an International Chiropractic Organization that supports the core of Chiropractic – Subluxation based care. I am a firm believer of the interference free model of health and I am part of my Father’s practice of 60 years of miraculous healing with that model. It is critical to me to have an organization who supports that foundational core and will continue to grow that opportunity for our patients and family for full health expression.

Las Vegas, NV

Jason O. Jaeger, DC

As a healthcare professional it’s important that we have a strong national and international association that honors and protects the rights of chiropractors, their art, science and philosophy. For me, the science evidence and ethics are paramount. ICA has been the sponsor for radiology and chiropractic practice best practices guidelines. It offers diplomates in multiple specialty types including my board certification in chiropractic biophysics.

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