International Chiropractors Association

How to Register for ICA's Membership Section

Set up your profile to be included in ICA's worldwide online referral directory

Inside you can also locate and communicate with other ICA members

And, choose which data you would like to have displayed in the membership directory... and more

Your Username is the email address you used when you signed up for ICA membership (see the Welcome email you were sent) (Contact ICA membership services if you need to know which email to use as your username:  703-528-5000 or

B. PW  
Create your password:  There is a custom password create/reset link in your welcome email.  If you, don't have that handy, go to

C. URL  
here:, or click "Member Login" at the top of any page on the ICA website

Once you're logged in,

  • Review your profile (click your name near the very top of the screen).  If you want to make any changes, click the "Edit profile" button.  The address you enter in the "Preferred Contact Information" section is what will appear on the Find A Doctor referral directory.  To make your web address clickable in the directory, use www (no need to use "http://www").
  • While editing your profile, you can also click the "Privacy" link (below the words "My Profile") and choose what level of privacy you want on each field. You can choose who sees each line of your profile information.

One more membership benefit
Sign up for ICA's free newsletter, The Chiropractic Weekly, here.   The Weekly comes out on Thursdays.  If your first issue ends up in your Junk folder, please be sure to whitelist ""