Membership Types

The International Chiropractors Association has several different types of memberships. Many of our members join early in their chiropractic education and take advantage of the one time student fee and the first year after graduation free benefit. Please note if you are a doctor of chiropractic or student doctor and a Active Duty member of the Armed forces, we welcome you to join the ICA and waive your dues. Please contact the Membership Department if you have questions.

Student (SICA)

Price covers your entire time in school. After graduation, the ICA offers Student ICA members a one-year complementary ICA membership, and for US members, reduced ICA membership rates for an additional two years.

Student ICA

Student ICA International



General Membership

U.S. Doctors of Chiropractic. (DC spouse of an ICA member, second doctor in the same office: Half price. Call ICA to get the discount. Active Duty Military and Disabled Chiropractor: call ICA for a discount.)

Field Dr. (4th year or more after Grad)

Field Dr. (4th year or more after Grad, Quarterly)




Outside the U.S. First through fourth year after graduation are all the same low price.


International (Quarterly)




Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Lay Person



New Grads

ICA offers three years of reduced-price membership to assist new grads (includes voting privileges). This section is for new grads in the United States. International chiropractors, see “International” above.

1st Year Grad (US)

1st Year Grad (Quarterly, US)

2nd Year Grad (US)

2nd Year Grad (Quarterly, US)

3rd Year Grad (US)

3rd Year Grad (Quarterly, US)








No longer in practice.


Retired (Quarterly)





Faculty (Quarterly)




Affiliated Association


For additional information or questions regarding the ICA Membership Types, please contact

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