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Our Student Doctors and their families need to be informed of mandates as we head into the fall of 2021.

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Where are the Chiropractic Colleges on Mandates?

ICA Affiliated
Chiropractic Colleges
Vaccine Mandate Status
Cleveland Chiropractic, Cleveland University – Kansas Indoor masking reinstated – no mention of vaccine mandate as of 9-8-2021
Life UniversityNo mandates mentioned as of 9-8-2021
Life Chiropractic College WestNo mandates
Palmer College of Chiropractic-FloridaMasking indoors required – no vaccine mandate as of 9-8-2021
Palmer College of Chiropractic – DavenportNo mandate as of 9-8-2021 request to follow protocols.

The Illinois clinic is subject to the state vaccine mandate, current suggestion is to move to Davenport clinic.
Palmer College of Chiropractic -WestEffective September 30, 2021, the State of California Department of Public Health will require that Palmer College of Chiropractic must document proof of full vaccination for any employees and students working in any clinical setting in the state of California.
This mandate is a directive of the state of California that Palmer is legally required to follow.
Any individuals who choose not to become fully vaccinated and have a qualified and documented medical or religious exemption have the option to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing.
Please view the attached flow charts that outline important next steps for interns, faculty and staff who work in the Palmer West Chiropractic Clinics and students on preceptorships or student rotations in the state of California.
Important deadlines:
If you are vaccinated or are willing to get vaccinated, you must provide proof of full vaccination by 9/30/21.
If you become fully vaccinated after 9/30/21, you will need to provide proof upon receipt and will be cleared from the weekly testing requirement at that time.
If you meet exemption requirements and are willing to get tested weekly, you must complete the Declination form and submit your first test result by 10/1/21.
Individuals who fail to submit their test results in a timely manner will be restricted from the clinic settings until they do.
Individuals who are unwilling to comply with these state mandates should follow the flow-charts for next steps immediately, including the option to do a Clinic rotation on Palmer’s Main campus in Davenport, Iowa.
Parker UniversityNo mandate – but a great blog posting about the pandemic in the pandemic.
Sherman College of ChiropracticNo mention of mandates of any kind.–09-07-2021.html?soid=1125017960960&aid=PRJOVvUN620
Non-Affiliated Chiropractic Colleges
National University of Health SciencesAugust 27, 2021
The university will be complying with Gov. Pritzker’s vaccine mandate. All Illinois students and employees will need proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or weekly negative test results for COVID-19. Please click here for more information.
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