Consumer Voices Heard in Australia

By International Chiropractors Association

December 1, 2023 (Falls Church, VA) The Chiropractic Board of Australia published an updated statement on the chiropractic care of pediatric patients. The new statement goes into effect immediately. The Board “after considering the recommendations made by the Safer Care Victoria independent review into chiropractic spinal manipulation of children under 12 years…” as well as the “strong support for consumer choice voiced in the public consultation of the independent review” issued a revised statement which

  • strengthened guidance on best practice and evidence-based care;
  • detailed proper informed consent;
  • clarified practice that is within a chiropractor’s skills, competence and expertise;
  • and discussed advertising that is in accordance with the National Law; communication; and good practice with vulnerable communities, including children and young people.

ICA notes that the Board noted that no actual reports of harm were received by the Board in children. The systematic review of the literature for the pediatric population that was replicated in 2022 returned similar outcomes to the 2019 study, which is that the available published studies included in the review were ‘consistent in finding that it is difficult to draw conclusions on safety and effectiveness.’

ICA is pleased that the strong voices of both science and the public were heard in Australia and that children once again will be able to receive regular chiropractic care.

One important next step in the global chiropractic community is to develop a pediatric research agenda in regular chiropractic care to add to the evidence base. The ICA looks forward to working with our colleagues in the global research community on this important topic.

To read the full statement from the Board – please click here.

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