ICA Best Practices and Practice Guidelines (2008 Draft)

In November 2013, the International Chiropractors Association Committee on Best Practices and Practice Guidelines posted the Final Draft of the ICA Best Practices & Practice Guidelines at the website: http://icabestpractices.org/ for the Profession to offer feedback.

The Guidelines on this page are the 2008 version. The 2013 version can be found here.

The Best Practices and Practice Guidelines, written for and by International Chiropractors Association members are evidence-based suggestions for appropriate care of patients seeking chiropractic care.

The Committee that provided these Chaired by the late Donald D. Harrison, PhD, DC, MSEICA Board with Leonard Siskin, BS, DC serving as Vice-Chair.

Executive Committee members included:

  • Joseph W. Betz, BS, DC
  • Dwight DeGeorge, MS, DC
  • Deed E. Harrison, DC
  • Eric Huntington, DC
  • Joseph R. Ferrantelli, BS, DC

Section 1: Preliminaries

Preface:2008 Preface
Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2:Legal Definitions, Authorities, Ethics, Responsibilities
Chapter 3:Choice of Chiropractic Technique: The Doctor’s Right to Choose Under State Laws
Chapter 4:Risk Benefit Ratio for Chiropractic Care
Chapter 5:Costs of Chiropractic Care
Chapter 6:Routine Plain Film Radiography is Standard of Practice

Section 2: ICA Best Practices

Chapter 7:Outcome Measures: reliability & Validity
Chapter 8:Methods: The Search for, Levels of, Ratings of, and Grading of Evidence
Chapter 9:Modalities: Ancillary & Preparatory to the Adjustment
Chapter 10:Best Practices: Organizing the Chiropractic Clinical Evidence

Section 3: ICA’s Practice Guidelines

Chapter 11:Practice Guidelines: Frequency & Duration Recommendations
Chapter 12:Dissemination, Implementation, and Periodic Review
Appendix I:Glossary of Common Chiropractic Terms & Abbreviations
Appendix II:References for Tables 1-6 in Chapter 10

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