ICA – Here for You Every Day for 95 Years -Protecting, Promoting Chiropractic – Guarding the Sacred Trust

By Beth Clay

Our Founder Dr. B.J. Palmer Set the Tone in 1926.

Dr. B.J.Palmer
Dr. B.J. Palmer

In 1926 Dr. B.J. Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic founded our organization as the Chiropractic Health Bureau with a focus on promoting the advancement of the science and art of chiropractic. In 1940, under his continued leadership, our name was changed to the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) and our focus was expanded to be, “promote the advancement of the science and art of chiropractic to undertake everything that it can legally and financially do to defend this principle.” With every year, every decade, that is what the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) has done and continues to do. We have been and continue to be here for you!

In this crazy time of the fall of 2021, what would B.J. do when the whole world seems out of alignment with personal liberty and health freedom? Would he say Stand Up for Freedom with the ICA?

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