UPDATE: ICA Submits Testimony to Illinois Legislature Opposing Amendment to Create COVID Exception to Conscience Law

By Beth Clay

October 28, 2021 (Falls Church, VA) 1:30 pm – A hearing is taking place this afternoon. We have submitted testimony.

Morning Update: We received a call late this morning from an Illinois Senate office that the House version of SB 1169 including the amendment regarding an exception to the Health Care Right of Conscience Law to shut down the lawsuits regarding COVID-19 was going straight to the Senate floor without the usual procedures of going back to committee, opening a witness slip up for the public to have the chance to register their opinions, and instead it will be voted on this afternoon after the redistricting hearing is finished unless there are some backroom negotiations to shut it down.

October 27, 2021 (Falls Church) Tonight the Illinois House voted 64-52 on Wednesday night to alter the Health Care Right of Conscience Act to shield employers from civil suits if they enforce Coronavirus vaccine or testing mandates.

The goes back to the Illinois Senate, who must act on Thursday the last day of the session if it is to be come law this year. There is strong opposition both from the public and certain members of the legislature. ICA is continuing to engage to see this exception to the Health Care Right of Conscience Act not become law.

October 26, 2021 (Falls Church, VA) Today the ICA provided written testimony to the Illinois House of Representatives Executive Committee hearing scheduled to take place today at 3:30. Illinois State Representative Robyn Gabel has filed an amendment to the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, which will provide an exception to the law for COVID.

This amendment is not about vaccines, it is about using a bill that passed the Illinois Senate regarding transition services for students with disabilities to insert an exception to the health care right of conscience law which forbids anyone from forcing you to take, recommend, or provide a health care procedures you morally are opposed to.

This is being sought because a legal challenge to vaccine mandates being tied to employment due to a likely violation of the law. The law iteself, the amendment, and our response are linked below.

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