Remembering Dr. Chuck “River” Ribley

By International Chiropractors Association

Written by ICA President Dr. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson

I have just learned of the passing of our dear friend and mentor, Dr. Chuck Ribley (River). The world has just shifted on its axis. Like my father and many others, Chuck has moved on to the great beyond. My soul and heart want to believe they are laughing their a**** off right now, at themselves and others, but I have a feeling that those that have gone before Chuck have been waiting patiently for him to surrender. My hope is that from the beyond, they are conniving and planning on how they can continue to shift this world greater than they did here on earth.

Dr. Charles Ribley was a product of the DE (Dynamic Essentials) movement under Dr. Sid. I was blessed to witness him, my father, Ian Grassam, Bob Sottile, Wayne King, John Hofmann, Linda Rassel, Dick Santo, Howard Cantel, Joe Stucky, Michael Kale, and so many more. They studied Green Books together, vacationed together, shared successes together and, with others, built Life Chiropractic College together. These brave souls were warriors and Chuck Ribley was their ringleader. He made it his life’s purpose to Give, Love, Serve and Do. He took personal responsibility to ensure Life University stayed on top of the professions’ institutions and kept Dr. Sid’s and other’s dreams alive. He certainly did it his way, but the reality is that he did it and he did it spectacularly.

Many years ago, the summer of 1973, my family traveled with the Ribley family to the Carolina Beaches for an amazing vacation. There were six Ribley kids and six Sigafoose kids. The two sets of parents were in their glory. Paul Bragg had just spoken at DE and everyone became vegetarians! My father and Chuck constantly competed on who could tap in to Innate the best, and the most quickly, to find a gas station, hotel, restaurant, or a parking space. That summer was a time none of us will ever forget. The Ribleys, with Chuck at the helm, have filled our family’s vault of memories with joy, love, and laughter.

I know his wife, Ruth, and children are feeling this deep loss. They are heartbroken beyond measure, but what I have learned in the loss of my parents is their DNA is in us. The Ribley family will soldier on. They will perpetuate the force that Chuck so powerfully shared. He will never be fully gone because his legacy will live on in his children, grandchildren, and so many other lives he has altered with his unwavering trust in the Power that made the body and animates the universe.

Those of us left behind will make sure his memory doesn’t fade, his purpose stays alive, his legacy is remembered, and that he lives on in each of our purposes and legacies.

I pray God blesses the Ribley family with supernatural joy and peace in a time that seems will remain dark forever.  The sun and its brightness will rise again and soon you will be filled with smiles and laughter as you remember that God gave you a man who knew the truth and lived a life to set the masses free. Now, he is enjoying the ultimate freedom.

Our hearts, love and prayers are with the Ribley family.

Peace to all who feel the loss of the man, Dr. Chuck Ribley.

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