Reports from Other Chiropractic Organizations

The ICA is providing below links to reports issued by other chiropractic organizations. We do so for information purposes only. Posting should not be viewed as an endorsement of the report or the issuing organization. We are focused on making all immune function reports on chiropractic available in a single location.

Our ReportICA Report on Immune Function and Chiropractic, What Does the Evidence Provide?

World Federation of Chiropractic Report

The Effect of Spinal Adjustment / Manipulation on Immunity and the
Immune System: A Rapid Review of Relevant Literature.

Chiropractic Wisconsin Society

The Chiropractic Wisconsin Society response to the relationship between
chiropractic, immunity and public relation in Wisconsin.

Haavik Research

Chiropractic and the Immune System

Central Nervous System and the Immune System

Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation

Fatally Flawed WFC Review of Immunity & Chiropractic

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