Urgent Message – Restraint of Trade Battle in British Columbia

By Beth Clay

February 17, 2021 (Falls Church) Last September, the ICA responded to proposed regulatory changes in British Columbia at the request of our members in Province. Our press release and link to our response can be read here.

ICA Responds to Proposed Onerous Regulatory Change in British Columbia | International Chiropractors Association (chiropractic.org)

Dr. Stephen Welsh, ICA Interim Chairman of the Board issued an urgent video message today to the entire chiropractic profession. Chiropractic is under attack. The Chiropractic College of British Columbia (CCBC), their regulators, recently issued new imaging rules that went into immediate effect. The end result is a significant restraint of trade to the chiropractors in British Columbia.

To view Dr. Welsh’s video click here.

Dr. Welsh calls upon the entire profession to rally together and work to fight against what is happening in British Columbia. If this succeeds in this province, it is predicted that this restraint of trade will spread across Canada, Europe and across the globe. We have created a Legal Defense Fund to gather the resources that will be needed to fight this legal battle. All donations to the fund will be for the legal challenges only.

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