Compare & Contrast the Two Medicare Bills

August 12, 2022, H.R. 8701, The Chiropractic Act of 2022 was introduced. This Bill is endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association. One of the best ways to understand legislation is to see it inserted into the law itself. This is how legislation is typically presented in state houses across the country.

Below we are providing you both of the Chiropractic Bills inserted in the U.S. Code so you can see for yourself what changes will happen with both.

H.R. 8701 The Chiropractic Act of 2022 Proposed Changes in the US Code in Red

This is the Bill the ICA Endorsed

H.R.-2654-Proposed Changes to Medicare Law in Red – This is the Bill the ICA Did not Endorse

Contact Your Representative Today

Medicare legislation championed by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. Check out the information below and call your representative today to ask they cosponsor H.R. 8701, The Chiropractic Act of 2022.

Please Call Your Representative and Request they Cosponsor H.R. 8701 – The Chiropractic Act of 2022

Here are some tips

Prepare: It is important to be clear and concise on your call.

Be Courteous: Please be positive and kind. Thank the staffer for taking your call and request a follow-up call or email.

Note That You Are a Constituent: Identify yourself as a constituent and ask to speak to a staffer responsible for Medicare legislation. 

Leave Your Contact Information: Make sure they have your name, telephone number, and email address. 

State Your Purpose: Make this a ONE-issue telephone call – sponsorship of H.R. 8701 The Chiropractic Act of 2022.

Talking Points:

  • H.R. 8701, The Chiropractic Act of 2022, was introduced on August 12 by Congressman Bill Posey of Florida. You would like your representative to cosponsor this bill.
  • Congress must act or CMS cannot eliminate the barriers to access this important non-drug option for care in Medicare.
  • H.R. 8701 provides exactly the changes needed to remove discriminatory barriers for Medicare beneficiaries to access chiropractic care. Specifically, the standard of care services needed to determine the need for the chiropractic adjustment.  Those standard of care services are exam and imaging (x-ray) when necessary. 
  • H.R. 8701 also fixes the provision on medical freedom of choice to privately contract that currently discriminates against chiropractic patients in Medicare. 
  • The bill also is clear that chiropractors are not drug-prescribers in Medicare.
  • This bill is enabling legislation with clear guidance to CMS and can be implemented swiftly so that those who have paid into the system can reap the benefits of chiropractic through Medicare. 
  • This legislation is not controversial; it fixes the problems in Medicare and is revenue-neutral, meaning it does not expand Medicare. 
  • The International Chiropractors Association, the organization founded by the developer of the profession, Dr. B.J. Palmer, has endorsed this legislation. 
  • Even if the representative has cosponsored other Chiropractic-Medicare legislation, that does not prevent them from sponsoring HR 8701. ICA did not endorse the other legislation. ICA, having studied the issues, feels HR 8701 provides the solutions the profession needs to best serve Medicare beneficiaries.
  • If appropriate, offer to be a resource.

Email ICA at so that we can be responsive to any questions from staff/members.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. Does H.R. 8701 preserve the chiropractic-specific terms in the definition (subluxation and adjustment)? Yes, it does.
  2. Does H.R. 8701 bill require reimbursement for exams? Yes
  3. Does H.R. 8701 require reimbursement for imaging (x-rays) when they are needed? Yes
  4. Is H.R. 8701 an enacting bill that can become law without a protracted rulemaking process? Yes, this bill takes the lessons learned from the experience of the legislation passed decades ago to enable the military to commission Chiropractors as officers in the military services, which proved that just because an agency can do something does not mean they will, unless Congress passes enacting legislation. This bill, when signed into law, has a date of enactment, which means with a short time after passage it can become law and the Medicare beneficiaries who have paid into the system will very quickly see the essentials of their chiropractic care – evaluation and management (exam and imaging as needed), as well as the adjustment – will be reimbursed.
  5. Does H.R. 8701 mandate a federal continuing education program to be developed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in order to be eligible for reimbursement for more than the adjustment? No, this bill does not include the controversial provision to federalize continuing education requirements in order to be compensated through Medicare.
  6. My representative has signed on to the other chiropractic bill (H.R. 2654); can they sign on to this one (H.R. 8701) as well? Yes, legislators can support multiple bills on the same topic. Organizations and legislators can endorse or sign onto both chiropractic bills and we encourage those who have already endorsed H.R. 2654 to review and endorse H.R. 8701 as well. ICA continues to work across the profession to affect true change in Medicare.
  7. Does this bill expand Medicare? No, it does not. It is revenue-neutral. This bill is strategic in the changes it makes, including only those services that were asked for by the profession (exams, x-ray imaging when needed), the standards of care, as well as the private contracting/opt out provision.

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August 12, 2022 Press Release ICA Endorsed Medicare Legislation Introduced:

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