Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk, Author of Groundbreaking Study on Pediatric Spondylolisthesis Presenting at ICA Annual Convention

By International Chiropractors Association

Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk

FALLS CHURCH, VA, USA, April 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk, Author of Groundbreaking Study on Pediatric Spondylolisthesis Presenting at the Annual Convention of the International Chiropractors Association April 22nd

The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) is pleased to announce Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk will be presenting at the 2023 Annual Convention being held in Las Vegas April 20-22. Dr. Fedorchuk is the lead author of the 2021 paper, “Prevalence of Cervical Spondylolisthesis in the Sagittal Plane Using Radiographic Imaging in a Pediatric Population: A Cross Sectional Analysis of Vertebral Subluxation”[1], featured as the Journal of Radiology Case Report’s cover story.

This is the first paper reporting on the epidemiology of subluxation in children. With 342 subjects, the study is currently the largest x-ray study ever published on pediatrics and subluxation.

The researchers’ finding that regular spinal radiographic exams may help identify serious spinal conditions in their pre-symptomatic state is significant. It highlights the need for doctors of chiropractic to check children regularly prior to symptom onset, to prevent more serious conditions from developing. Dr. Fedorchuk’s research team provides valuable insights into the early detection and management of pediatric spondylolisthesis, a condition which affects many young people.

This study has far-reaching implications for the chiropractic profession and provides a solid foundation for further research into the field.

“This is the first time the prevalence of subluxation has been documented and published, and it shows children can sustain injury and have no symptoms,” said Dr. Fedorchuk. “Isn’t that what we drive home to students in school? Don’t treat symptoms, find subluxations. When the bones shift forward, truly out of alignment, that is something that needs to be addressed. The neurological implications with abnormal biomechanics are well documented and thus it is imperative they receive proper care.”

This is an important step in studying and treating subluxation in children.

“This is only the beginning,” said Dr. Fedorchuk. “We have bigger data sets in the thousands, already analyzed that are going to be published soon.”

The ICA Convention is a unique opportunity for chiropractors to come together, learn from experts in the field, and discuss the latest research and developments in chiropractic care.

ICA is pleased to provide a forum for the top scientists in chiropractic to present to the profession,” said Beth Clay, ICA Executive Director. “Dr. Fedorchuk’s research underscores the importance of regular chiropractic care including for children. He will be speaking on Saturday and sharing the latest research.”

For more information on the ICA’s 2023 Annual Convention and to register, please visit https://icaevents.org/convention2023.

1. Fedorchuk, C., et al., Prevalence of Cervical Spondylolisthesis in the Sagittal Plane Using Radiographic Imaging in a Pediatric Population: A Cross Sectional Analysis of Vertebral Subluxation. J Radiol Case Rep, 2021. 15(6): p. 1-18.


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