April 19, 2014 International Chiropractors Association
ICA Participates in Key Congressional Health Care Briefing

ICA Participates in Key Congressional Health Care Briefing Representatives of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) joined other concerned organizations and individuals in an historic Congressional Briefing conducted in both the US House and US Senate office buildings on April 10, 2014. Titled “Easing the US Healthcare Crisis: The Role of Integrative Health Care,” these information-filled sessions were initiated by the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) in collaboration with the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine (CAHCIM) and Allina Health.

The ICA was represented at this important session by Coralee Van Egmond, DC, ICA Director of Professional Development and Mr. Ronald Hendrickson, ICA Deputy Executive Director. “ICA deeply appreciates the initiative taken by the IHPC in this vital area,” said Dr. Stephen P. Welsh who represents the ICA on the IHPC Partners for Health Board. “We fully understand that broadening the base supporting the kinds of issues chiropractic needs to address in the public policy process and building bridges through this unique forum will serve both the profession and the public in a very positive manner.”

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ICA Presents Exciting Round-Up Conference this June at Cleveland Chiropractic College

An extraordinary gathering of chiropractic minds and hearts will connect together this June at the Cleveland Chiropractic College campus in Overland Park, Kansas at the ICA’s Round-Up Conference — bringing quality continuing education together with key contacts, core chiropractic content, and exciting celebrations! “This is a powerful program,” notes ICA president Michael S. McLean, “gathering chiropractors, students, and chiropractic assistants together for two days of community and chiropractic clarity.”

Don’t miss this inspiring lineup of speakers -- including Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt, Dr. Robert Sinnott, Dr. Gerard W. Clum, Dr. Billy DeMoss, Dr. Jim Sigafoose, Dr. Dean DePice, Dr. Pat McLean, Kim Klapp, Dr. Ron Oberstein, and Andrew Wakefield, FRCS, FRCPath! The program segments offer a unique combination of clinical clarity, philosophical foundations and cutting edge research highlights that celebrate chiropractic’s philosophy, art and science. Registration for ICA’s Round-Up conference is open to everyone in the profession.

The multi-faceted continuing education program, cosponsored by Cleveland Chiropractic College, includes up to 10 hours of educational content with leaders in clinical care, philosophy, and advocacy. The ICA Round-Up will build momentum from the energy and think-tank sessions conducted over the ICA Annual Leadership Meetings for a high-vitality combination of education, special events and fellowship, all hosted on the Cleveland College Campus over June 19-21. A detailed schedule of presenters and program features for the ICA Round-Up highlights times, topics and exciting highlights about the speakers and events. Registration for ICA’s Round-Up conference is open and welcomes everyone in the profession for an inspiring array of speakers, celebrations, information and insights for the chiropractic community.


ICA's Fitness Council Hosts Stellar 22nd Annual Natural Fitness and Sports Conference;   Arnold Schwarzenegger Connects Chiropractic with Health and Performance

The ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science recently hosted the acclaimed Annual ICA Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports for the 22nd consecutive year with the world's most famous chiropractic patient, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as keynote speaker. ICA also hosted bodybuilding icon, educator and 8-time Mr. Olympia Champion Lee Haney, and fitness legend Monica Brant, the 1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion and 2010-2013 WBFF World Pro Figure Champion, who was presented with the ICA Fitness Council’s Athlete of the Year Award.

In his keynote presentation to the Symposium attendees, Governor Schwarzenegger noted that he and the International Chiropractors Association shared a common vision for global health, noting that he’d “like to promote fitness on a global level –because people need to be fit all over the world.”

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ICA-PAC Endorses Dr. Jim Abeler for US Senate in Minnesota

ICA’s federal political action committee, ICA-PAC, has enthusiastically voted to endorse and support the candidacy of Minnesota State Representatiave Jim Abeler, DC, for the position of United States Senate in the November, 2014 election.

James J. "Jim" Abeler II is a well-respected and accomplished Minnesota public servant, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives and Doctor of Chiropractic.

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ICA President Responds to Negative Slam Against Chiropractic in National Review

ICA President Dr. Michael S. McLean, DC, FICA, has written the editor of National Review , a widely circulated public affairs periodical, to express concern and to provide important new facts in response to a negative depiction of chiropractic in a recent book review.

In a book review that appeared in the January 27, 2014 edition, Keven D. Williamson wrote a twisted and off-target review which, Dr. McLean stated, “...does both a disservice to your otherwise respectable and highly credible publication, and to the author of the book he has undertaken to review. Entitled “Let My Patients Go,” this strenuous effort on Mr. Williamson’s part to appear insightful and anchored in objectivity fails miserably to appear, let alone be, either.

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ICA at Parker Seminars’ National Health Reform Panel Discussion

On January 11, 2014 at the annual Parker Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, representatives from International Chiropractors Association (ICA) presented their insights and perspectives on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). At this important discussion the ICA was represented by President Dr. Michael S. Mclean and Dr. Gerard Clum, president emeritus, Life Chiropractic College West, presidential liaison for external affairs, Life University.

The Parker panel on health reform was also privileged to have the 18th US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD as a participant.

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The Truth about ICA's Position on the CCE

Much has been written this past week regarding ICA, CCE and the NACIQI hearings scheduled for December 12, 2013. There are groups in our profession spreading information that is either false, or they are bending the truth in ways so those "not in the know" will follow their lead. Though they say they hold our principle close to their chest, they are not telling the whole story and creating confusion.

The ICA has chosen to not spend its time debating these inaccuracies in Social Media, only to create what critics call "Emotional Inflammation." A VICTORY was won by the ICA, and if you want the truth about what has transpired and what the ICA position is, click here to read: " VICTORY FOR CHIROPRACTIC AND THE ICA "


Chiropractic Organizations Unite Behind Public Position on Chiropractic as a Drugless Approach to Health Care

In an historic and profoundly significant unanimous position statement, the more than 40 organizations that comprise The Chiropractic Summit have adopted a clear and concise public position on chiropractic science and practice as a drug-free approach to health care. At a meeting of the Summit organizations in Seattle, Washington on November 7, 2013, the Summit adopted the following statement:

The drug issue is a non-issue because no chiropractic organization in the Summit promotes the inclusion of prescription drug rights and all chiropractic organizations in the Summit support the drug-free approach to health care.

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Wellness Certification


Wellness Certification



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ICA Best Practices and Practice Guidelines
        The ICA Best Practices and Practice Guidelines (BPPG) is designed to serve as a clinical guide, specifically for chiropractors, on the application of numerous Chiropractic techniques and procedures for a variety of patient conditions.  It is intended to provide evidence for the application of these diverse procedures in many different clinical situations.

“Thank You” Poster for ICA CARES Volunteers
        To show chiropractic’s appreciation for all personnel serving in the US Armed Services as well as DC volunteers in ICA CARES program, ICA has designed a “Thank you” poster that all DC volunteers can display in their offices or in their community so veterans returning from war can contact them for free chiropractic care. These posters can be customized with the contact information of the volunteer doctor of chiropractic. Click here to order.

Chiropractic Care for the Pediatric Patient
Revised edition of the popular pediatrics textbook authored by Dr. Peter Fysh.  450 pages, 30 chapter, well-illustrated with photographs, diagrams and radiographs. Includes extensive index, references at end of every chapter, clinical forms for daily use, latest pediatric diagnostic codes.  A valuable resource for all chiropractors caring for children.

X-Ray Guidelines

Practicing Chiropractors’ Committee for Radiology Protocols (PCCRP) for the Biomechanical Assessment of Spinal Subluxation in Chiropractic Clinical Practice. Click here to order.