Welcome – you are the future of chiropractic!

By joining the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), you are establishing a strong foundation to build a successful professional career both as a student and after graduation as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Many of ICA’s leaders today started as Student ICA members.

As a member of the Student ICA (SICA), you are part of an international fellowship of individuals and organizations, working together to strengthen chiropractic’s unique identify as a separate, distinct and drugless doctor-level health care profession, and working worldwide to protect the rights of patients for unhindered access to chiropractic care.

Your one-time student membership dues of $50 US brings with it a range of services, products, discounts, scholarship opportunities as well as your first year of general ICA membership after graduation free of charge.

We are focused on building fellowship through online webinars and meetings; strengthening our existing SICA Chapters, establishing new SICA Chapters and making resources available to our international students as well. We are looking forward to the ability to have in person events, and share these with our Students.

SICA Scholarships

ICA offers a variety of scholarships for students to help further their studies and provide opportunities for all members of our community to learn and grow. We also work to find you the best scholarships available in the chiropractic community and update our SICA Scholarships page regularly with these opportunities.

Best of all, your membership helps serve chiropractic globally with ICA’s outreach and support in vitally important areas including education, health care policy, and professional development.

Not yet a member of the SICA, please join today. Have questions please call Sondra Thomas, our Director of Membership at 703-528-5000.

SICA Mission Statement

To develop the awareness and understanding of chiropractic’s fundamental principles as set forth and developed by doctors D.D. and B.J. Palmer by promoting an enthusiastic community of students through education, events, social activities and student support, while enhancing unity throughout all SICA chapters.

2021 SICA Seminar Series

Are you graduating soon? Please make sure you convert your membership to a general (field doctor) membership and update your ICA Profile with your new contact information. Please make sure you have your Email, Cell phone, and mailing address.

ChiroJobs Career Center:

  • ChiroJobs Career Center is a one-stop resource for posting your resume, applying for jobs and getting job alerts. Career coaching, resume writing, reference checking and a career learning center is also available.
  • Visit: www.chiropractic.org/chirojobs
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